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Brand Story

After graduating from IDE (Industrial Design Institute), the founder entered the interior and exterior design industry. Throughout his career, he encountered numerous WPC projects and found significant shortcomings in the existing WPC industry. This inspired him to innovate, resulting in unique products like 3D texture decking and fast-install decking system. These creations aimed to enhance product aesthetics and ease of installation, leading people to a higher quality outdoor living experience.

Brande Advantages

From design to installation, Feelingwood is more competitive than other brands on the market.


Our exclusive system drastically reduces installation time, enabling construction teams to complete more projects in less time!

Feelingwood And

Breaking the standard, we redefine the game. Come and discover what sets us apart from other brands!

Patent Certificate

Our US-certified patents and comprehensive test certificates speak for themselves, highlighting the core strengths of our products.


We offer a full range of WPC products, each made with our unique and innovative technology.

Feelingwood Products

We offer a full range of WPC products, each made with our unique and innovative technology.

WPC Decking

WPC Wall Cladding

WPC Fence

WPC Wall Cladding

WPC Pergalo

Join In Feelingwood

Take advantage of our unique WPC products and excellent cooperation model. Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow.


Full range of wood plastic products

Our extensive range of innovative products, helping you create a one-stop shopping experience that quickly attracts buyers.

Team Support

Complete support process

From signing an agreement to providing various brand support, our team will assist you every step of the way to success.


Diversified cooperation models

We offer customized cooperation models tailored to your needs, helping your WPC business grow and thrive.


Explore our projects and find inspiration for your own.

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Day 1: First steps - Buffalo National Park

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Day 2: Explore the Magical Forest

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Day 3: Old places and new memories

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Install the edging

1. Repair the last decking
2. Reserve the hem cutting line and cut it
3. Fixed decking edge

Laying decking

1. Place the first piece of decking on the starting buckle end of the keel to secure it in place.
2. Insert the buckle into the keel slot and twist it into the buckle slot on the first floor.
3. Slide the second floor into the buckle to secure it in place and repeat the above steps to install all remaining floors.

Install joist

1. Attach the launch buckle to the keel
2. Fix all keels according to the reserved drilling positions


Reserved installation holes

1. Take a distance measurement at the installation location of the project
2. Drill holes at the appropriate distance (for details, refer to the installation manual which you can get by clicking the button below)
3. Insert the plastic expansion pipe